We control our waste levels.

During the production process Codiagro controls its resources exhaustively to  achieve a minimal level of waste in its products.


IPPC Environmental Integrated Authorisation  nº079/07/AA/CV

Environmental Integrated Authorisation (AAI), given by the General Office of Environmental Quality of the Valencian Region, certifies that Codiagro fulfills all the atmospheric emission controls environmental requirements. We also carry out  a right  waste management and control  by means of  a waste minimizing plan.


Organic agriculture

Codiagro has a wide range of products designed to be used in organic agriculture.
These products have been certified by the BCS ÖKO-Garantie international organization.

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AMEC Molecule: made exclusively by CODIAGRO

The modified acids AMEC® are an innovative and useful system for modern agriculture which ha been patented and developed by Codiagro. It is specially designed to increase crops  production and to get the best quality. They’re completely biodegradable and that is why they’re safe and kind to the environment.


ISO 9001

We accomplish  ISO 9001:2008 Regulations and we have been certified  as Fertilizers Manufacturers.


Asociación española de agronutrientes (Spanish Agronutrient Association)

Codiagro is a founding member of the Spanish Agronutrient Manufacturers Association. It’s a non-profit association made up by Agronutrients Manufacturers  and its scope of application is the Spanish market. Its aim is to  try and stimulate the agricultural sector’s development and expansion.


Agronutrient Manufacturers

Bureau Veritas certifies that the management system of the organization has been audited and found to be in terms with the the Royal Decree RD/824/2005 requirements related to the   Agronutrients Manufacturing.